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  • SOMACEPT® myo
  • SOMACEPT® myo
  • SOMACEPT® myo

SOMACEPT® patches effectively tackle muscle pain and stiffness by activating our endogenous opioid system.

Each patch is comprised of a skin coloured adhesive elastic plaster and a polymer disc covered with uniformly distributed microcones. These microcone discs contain 177 uniformly distributed cones.

SOMACEPT® uses a "volcanic cone" profile made with a relatively hard polymer. Each cone has a height of 150µm (0.15mm), a tip diameter of 20µm (0.02mm) and are distributed in a cross arrangement of 450µm (0.45mm). 

This cone specification and material has been chosen to best deal with the following:

Stabbing pain, Acute pain, Throbbing pain, Tingling pain and when the point of pain is clear

These Microcones, when applied to an area of skin in a region of muscle pain, provide gentle cutaneous stimulation. The stimulation provided has the effect of selectively inhibiting the somato-cardiac sympathetic C-reflex [1].

There have been a number of research papers written into the efficacy of Microcones. If you would like to read more about this research, we have made a number of these papers available for you to read in the "Documents" tab above.

1. Hotta H, Schmidt RF, Uchida S, Watanabe N (2010) Gentle mechanical skin stimulation inhibits the somatocardiac sympa-thetic C-reflex elicited by excitation of unmyelinated C-afferent fibers. Eur J Pain 14:806–813
Instructions: 1. Locate the point or region of pain/stiffness. For SOMACEPT® myo you can refer to the trigger point chart to find the closest trigger point
2. Carefully remove the patch from the case. Use tweezers provided for mini sized patches
3. Apply patch to the point/region identified in step 1. Take care not to let the adhesive backing to stick to itself
4. It is recommended that you replace the patch after 16 hours.
Cautions: Do not use if packaging, patch case or patch is damaged
Do not use in combination with other therapeutic devices
Do not use heating or cooling patches on the application site for 24 hours after you have removed the patch
Remove before having a shower or bath
If you feel any discomfort, twitching sensation or pain at the site of application, discontinue use immediately
Polymer Type Hard
Polymer Property Microcone moves up & down. Effective for pain through A-group fibres
Pain Description Stabbing pain, Acute pain, Throbbing pain, Tingling pain, The point of pain is clear
Characteristics of pain Pressure & movement sensitive
Complaints Sprained neck, Intervertebral joint lumbargo, Myofascia lumbargo, Knee pain, Elbow pain, Tenontothecitis, Sports impediment, Acute-phase of frozen shoulder/neuralgia
Efficacy Antiphlogistic analgetic action. Focused effect on the point of application
Treatment Point Points where you press and feel bone underneath (e.g. tendons)
Other Suitable for use during exercise and on the soles of feet


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